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Stop running from debt

Stop letting debt rule your life. Give the Bankruptcy Clinic of Central Pennsylvania a call and let the experience of Earle D. Lees provide you with debt relief and stop creditor harassment. Attorney Lees will not only help to solve your current debt situation, he’ll also help you to transition to a better and more responsible financial reality.

Get free of debt and free of stress

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With many bankruptcy fillings, time is of the essence. Give us a call for a FREE initial consultation and get the ball rolling on your case. With the Bankruptcy Clinic of Central Pennsylvania, through Attorney Lees you’ll receive quick service at reasonable fees.

One phone call to the Bankruptcy Clinic of Central Pennsylvania can lead to a renewed sense of freedom and financial stability. Get the debt collectors to stop calling and – if qualified – keep your car, home, business, and your savings.

With the Bankruptcy Clinic of Pennsylvania, you and your business can file for bankruptcy, relieving and resolving your personal debt, set up payment plans, consolidate your bills, and deal with repossessions – all at reasonable rates.

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-Discover financial relief and renewal

-Stop harassing phone calls

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